Q-tip Series

Jewelry is traditionally viewed as something permanent and ever lasting. We use materials such as gold and diamonds that stand through the test of time...a diamond is forever. Yet, in the world that we live in, things rarely last forever. Perhaps the only true constant that we have is change. The main materials used in these brooches are Q-Tips. They start out clean and white, but as the brooch is worn the Q-Tips collect dirt as well as fray and wear. Every time the brooch is worn, it changes, they not only become a “new brooch” to wear, but each gives an illustrated history of it’s past.

Kathleen W. Kennedy Q-Tip Study Brooches Sterling Silver, Copper, Enamel, Q-Tips
Q-Tip Study Brooch I
Sterling Silver, Copper, Enamel, Q-Tips
Q-Tip Study Brooches